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Here you will find updated info on our search for a new senior pastor
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Pastor Search timeline of events

February Search Team Update (2-4-2024)

The search team has completed the final job description and will begin accepting applicants.  To download a copy of the job description click here.  As the team begins to take applications we ask that you would pray for the following:

That the team will hear God’s voice with clarity and feel a sense of peace as they discern whom they should interview.
As they begin receiving applications and evaluating candidates, they stay focused and hungry for God’s word, asking God for discernment.

As they read applications, listen to sermon samples and talk with candidates, they place the church’s needs and desires before their own.

December Search Team Update (12-17-2023)

The search team is hard at work putting together a Church & Community Profile as well as a Pastor Profile.  These two tools will help them  identify what we are looking for in our next Senior Pastor. As they are working on this important step in the process we ask that you would pray for the following:

That the true needs of the congregation and our community will come to the surface as the church staff and committee seek the Lord about what is next for our church.
That no personal agenda would surface, but only the will of the Lord as the pastor search committee and staff seek what He has next for the congregation and our community.

Search Team Has Been Selected (10-22-2023)

As of Sunday 10-22-2023 we have selected and commissioned our pastoral search team.  The members of this team will be responsible for building a pastor profile and working with our association to find potential candidates to bring before the church.  Please pray for these people and ask God to give them great wisdom as they move forward in this process.  Please see the list of names below.

Amy Guinan
Charlene Martin
Chris Abby
Dianne Eckert
Michael Kretch
Rick Duran
Susanne Ketring

Pastor Search Update (9-3-2023)

Good morning I’m Jeff Turner, one of your Board Members here at the Bridge.   As Pastor Bill announced two weeks ago, He will be retiring in April of next year. We are grateful for the 15 Years the Lord gave us with Pastor Bill and Kim.  The Lord used him to successfully lead the Bridge Church in reaching our community for Christ.  We congratulate Pastor Bill and Kim on his retirement, and we will miss them. We are preparing for our new pastor through prayer and seeking wise council. We pray that we, as a Church, allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in our search. We have been in contact with our Growing Healthy Churches Association and getting some council as to our next steps.  In the next couple of months, we will be setting up a pastoral search team and a transition team.   The pastoral search team will put together the information about the church and the type of pastor we are praying for, and eventually this team will interview candidates to bring before the church. The transition team will be responsible for working with Pastor Phil as the interim pastor ensuring our ministries continue running smoothly during the transition period.   We will pass on all new information as we proceed.  If you have any questions or inputs, you can talk to any of our board members or send an email to and we will get back with you.  We ask the congregation to pray that we listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance in our pastoral search and selection process.  Thank you!

Pastor Bill's Retirement Announcement (8-21-2023)

I have an announcement to make that Kim and I have been prayerfully considering for quite some time.  What I am about to share, has not been an easy decision for us to make. But we are convinced that God has directed us to make it.  I will be retiring as the Senior Pastor of the Bridge Church on April 30, 2024, next year.  Believe me when I say that this has not been an easy decision for us. We love you all and are grateful for the time we have been here.  

Time passes quickly, doesn’t it? Fifty years ago, as a senior in high school, I sensed God’s call into ministry, and after four years of Bible College, Forty-six years ago this month, I accepted my first call to serve with a church in Greensboro, NC.  As I shared a few weeks ago, fifteen years ago, God made His Calling clear for us to come to Reno, NV and serve here with you at the Bridge.  It was evident then that God was at work in us and here in this place at that time.  Now God has made it clear that this is the next step for us to take. Time passes so fast.

It has been our privilege to serve here with some of the most amazing people in God’s kingdom and to seek to make a difference. We’ve seen God move to change lives and allow us to make an increasing impact on this community.  Together we have all witnessed God’s faithfulness in providing for us in some miraculous ways.

I want you to know that God is not surprised by the timing of any of this.  The history of the Bridge Church, which started in 1875, demonstrates that this is God’s church. I believe that He still has much work to be done in this city.  He has always taken care of His body here and we can trust Him to do so as we all continue to follow Him.

 You have a godly Board of Trustees who love Jesus and all of you.  They have begun discussions with Gilbert Foster from Growing Healthy Churches, the association we are a part of, to help prepare for this transition. You will hear from the Board as they move forward in this process.

Over the next few months, I will work closely with the Board and staff and all of you, to help prepare us for what lies ahead.  There is much work to do and these next several months will pass quickly for all of us.  We will have more time to say more things to each other.  But please let me say once more We Love you all and not only want to finish our time here well but also want to do all that we can to help this body Build More Bridges for people to come to Jesus and to grow in His Grace.
I know that God will continue to provide for all of us as we follow Him into the future.  I’m sure that you will have questions as we move forward and we will do our best to answer all of them for you in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for the privilege that you have given to Kim and me to be a part of this wonderful place.  We are grateful to God and to you!