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One More Time!

Hello Bridge Family and Friends,

I am sending this survey out one more time. 
Please Note:  If you have already filled out the Church Assessment Survey.  Thank you so much.  You may ignore this newsletter!  If you have filled out a hard copy, please return by this Sunday. 

If you have not done the survey, please take some time to give us your input.  
We ask that you take this survey by Sunday, Feb. 5th.

The survey is extensive and may take about 30-45 minutes to complete (depending on how much information you desire to share). Please take the time now if at all possible give your input. 

We believe God has directed us to take this step so that we might become even more effective at accomplishing our mission of Building Bridges for People to come to Jesus and Grow on His Grace.  Thanks for participating in this very important survey with us.

Thank you so much,

Pastor Bill