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Weekly Update!


Sunday, we finish our Teaching Series “The Blueprint”.  The ultimate purpose of this series is to increase our confidence in and commitment to the Scriptures. The message this Sunday is The Authority of the Bible.   We will cover why you and I can have complete faith in God's word and why it does hold authority over our lives.

Welcome Center opening Sunday.  We are doing a “soft opening” because there is still much to do to get the building the way we want it to be. The furniture has not arrived, the new Kids Kingdom entrance room is not finished, etc.  We will do our Grand Opening in the next few weeks.

When you come on Sunday, you will be able to use the new parking lot out front and enter through the Welcome Center.   We are asking everyone, including children, to please enter through the Welcome Center not the through the Worship Center.    

Parents please Note: Kids Kingdom will enter the Welcome Center and go out the patio and use the old entrance until the new room is ready.  Pass the word to other parents and to guests.

Upcoming Events:

Financial Update: August 31, 2022:

 Budget: $360,000 Income: $316,250 Expenses: $358,667

August Finances:

Budget: $45,000.00. Income: $39,308  Expenses: $50,196

We do thank you for your faithfulness in giving during these challenging economic times that we all face. We continue to struggle with our giving and fall further behind with our General Budget needs each month. Please ask God to provide for all of our needs and even yours as we face these challenging economic times.  May we also remain faithful to God and God directs so that we may honor Him with the resources that He has entrusted to us and continue to Build Bridges for People to Come to Jesus!!!  That’s why we are here.

I can’t wait to see you on Sunday as we worship the Lord Jesus Christ together. 


Pastor Bill