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Latest Update!

Hello Bridge Family,

We’re almost done with the Welcome Center!  Sunday when you come, you will be able to use the new parking lot.  But we will still enter the building at the normal location and Kids Kingdom will use the same entrance on the southwest side of the building for now. We'll keep you informed about when we will be able to open the Welcome Center officially.

This Sunday, we continue with our Teaching Series “The Blueprint”.  I am loving this teaching series.  It is one that I am most Passionate about.  I want us to have great confidence in and commitment to the Scriptures and the authoritative Word of God for our lives.  This Sunday is The Message of the Bible: Part 3.  We will cover the New Testament in one sitting and talk about how God is at work in the world to spread the good news of the gospel through His Church.  It's going to be a lot to cover but it will also help us to see the plan and purpose of God from all eternity and our place in it.  I hope you will not miss this one!

Upcoming Events:

Please Read and Pray:  We do thank you for your continued giving  and support during these challenging economic times that we all face. The Board decided not to make any cuts to the budget at this time and is continuing to monitor our giving in all areas. We continue to struggle with our giving and fall further behind with our General Budget needs each month. Please ask God to provide for all of our needs at this time. May we also remain faithful to God and God directs so that we may honor Him with the resources that He has entrusted to us and continue to Build Bridges for People to Come to Jesus!!!  That’s why we are here.

I can’t wait to see you on Sunday and we dive into why the Bible Matters!!!


Pastor Bill