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This Sunday, we begin a new Teaching Series “The Blueprint”.  We will spend the next several weeks talking about why the Bible matters in our lives. In a world where the Bible is denigrated and ignored, Christians almost seem to be embarrassed about our belief in God’s word.  We need to better understand why it is Unique, Trustworthy and Authoritative for our lives.  The ultimate purpose of this series is to increase our confidence in and commitment to the Scriptures. I encourage each person to invite a friend you know who could benefit from better understanding the value and place of God’s Word in their life.  The message this Sunday is The Uniqueness of the Bible.
Our Welcome Center Blessing Ceremony on Sunday, August 14th for both was a huge success.  It was a lot of fun. If you were not able to attend last week, you should have an opportunity to add your personal message on Sunday.  Here’s short video of what happened last week.

Upcoming Events:

  • Church Clean-up: Saturday, August 27, 2022, from 9:00-noon.  Set aside this morning and plan to join us as we clean up the campus in preparation for the Welcome Center opening soon. Sign up here to attend:

  Financial Update:  July 31, 2022
 Budget: $315,000      Income: $276,942      Expenses: $308,471

 We do thank you for your faithfulness in giving during these challenging economic times that we all face. As you can we, we have fallen behind considerably in out General Fund giving. Pray with me and the Board as we meet this Sunday and prayerfully consider making cuts to the budget, which will probably involve salary cuts, for the rest of the year.
Join with us as we ask God to provide the money we need for our General Fund needs and for the Welcome Center (If we do not raise an additional $150,00.00 we will have to borrow the funds to meet our commitment) Ask God to direct all of us at this critical time.  Give as God directs so that we may honor Him with the resources that He has entrusted to us.

 I can’t wait to see you on Sunday and we dive into why the Bible Matters!!!

Pastor Bill