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Welcome Center Blessings Ceremony!

Hello Bridge Family. 

Welcome Center Blessing Ceremony this Sunday, August 14th for both services.  Before we put in the flooring, we want to give it a personal touch from all of us who attend here at the Bridge.  We will take time at the end of both service to write Bible Verses, Prayers, and our desires for God to use this Building to grow His Kingdom here in Northern Nevada.  Begin now to think about what you want to the message you want to share.  We will include adults, students, and all children as we do this.  Plus, you will get a sneak peek at what the building looks like up close and personal. If you know someone who cannot attend this Sunday, ask them if there is a message you can write on their behalf. I also hope that many of you who attend online locally can join us as well.  If you can't make it Sunday, please email me at with you verse, prayer or message that we can write on your behalf. 

Upcoming Events:
  • Back to School Prayer Walk:  Saturday August 13th from 9:00-11:00 am. We will pray for the students, the teachers and staff and for the families as well.
  • Church Campus Clean-up: Saturday, August 27, 2022, from 8:00 am-noon.  Set aside this morning and plan to join us as we clean up the campus in preparation for the Welcome Center opening soon. Sign up here to attend:
  • Hope for Me Wellness Workshop – it’s your time for change! Saturday, September 10th, 9am – 3pm. This event is for anyone desiring to get healthy God’s way. More information to follow.
Financial Update:  July 31, 2022
 Budget: $315,000      Income: $276,942      Expenses: $308,471

 We do thank you for your faithfulness in giving during these challenging days.  Pray for me and the Board as we prayerfully consider making cuts to the budget for the rest of the year since have fallen so far behind our expenses over our income.  

 Join with us as we ask God to provide the money we need to meet and exceed our monthly expenses for our General Fund needs and for the Welcome Center (If we do not raise an additional $150,00.00 we will have to borrow the funds to meet our commitment) Ask God to direct all of us at this critical time.  Give as God directs so that we may honor Him with the resources that He has entrusted to us.  

 I look forward to worshiping with you Sunday as we finish up our Teaching Series on Proverbs.

Blessings to you.
Pastor Bill