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This weekend, I hope that you will take some time this Memorial Day weekend to remember those who have given so much for us to be able to enjoy the freedom we have in this country.  Please thank those you know and their families who have sacrificed so much for the rest of us.  Also, remember to pray for the families in Uvalde, TX who grieve over the loss of so much from another senseless killing in our country/. Pray to God for all of us to seek and follow Him!
Tomorrow we begin a new Series:  The “E” Word!. We will address the one thing that both Christians and Non-Christians don’t like but that both groups needs.  You’ll want to the be there.  We will also share in Communion as we remember the one who sacrificed  His Life so that we might have life!

Upcoming Events:
  • Foster the City Support Friend Training:  Sunday June 12th at noon: This is for all who signed up, and others who are interested, to help and support families who choose to foster children in our church,.
  • Kids Camp: June 20-24: 5:30-8:30: Come explore what God’s word says about the Fruit of the Spirit. Light supper will be provided. Sign up using the connection card at
  • Student Ministries Day Camp: June 27-July 1: Students will have a week filled with activities, fun and will study “The Power of Prayer” together. camp

I  look forward to worshiping with you tomorrow and hope to see you all here with us.

Pastor Bill