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Invite ONE!

Hello Bridge Church Family and Friends.

This is the week to Invite ONE and watch God work.  Despite the fact that people may be skeptical about churches and religion in general today, studies still show that most people will attend church if a friend or someone they respect invites them. They don't come because the are no one invites them to come!

This is the week !  Invite ONE.   Invite one friend, one family member, one coworker, one neighbor someone that you know and love to join you this week to celebrate Easter with you on Good Friday at 6:00pm and on Easter Sunday at 9:00 and 10:30 am.  Pray for God to move in and through all of these services to Change Lives!

Invite ONE today and watch God work.  I can't wait to Celebrate the Death and Resurrection of Jesus with you this weekend.


Pastor Bill