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Hey Everyone,

We’re just five days away from starting our church wide campaign “Everybody Always.” I’m thrilled that we’ve sold almost a hundred books and launched several new small groups. It’s going to be great to watch what God does over the next five weeks as we grow our faith together. It’s also not too late to get the books or to join a small group, just email me and I will make it happen!

For those of you that have had some questions I wanted to fill in some information. First off, some good news. There’s no homework (reading) required this week. You should start your small group after this Sunday August 22nd. Then, in your small group (or individually) use the “Everybody Always” study guide and start with “Session one” on page 13. Follow through each page of the guide and it will explain every step. Note to small group hosts: it might be helpful to read pages 11-12 labeled “How to use this guide.”

When it comes to the part labeled “Watching the video” there are several ways to do this. The videos are posted in two different places to make it easy for you. The videos are posted on our website. Go to Then scroll down to the bottom and all five videos are there. You can also find the videos on YouTube. Just search “Everybody Always Session 1” and you will find them. We have a very limited number of DVD’s with the videos. If you need one, you can email but I would encourage watching with one of the prior methods.

You’ll notice at the end of each session in the study guide there’s a section labeled “personal study.” In this section you’ll see the homework for the week, Including the assigned reading of the book “Everybody Always.” After your first small group meeting you can check the “personal study” section to see what chapters you should be reading from the book. Please let me know if there are any other questions.

Praying for you,
Pastor Phil
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