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Winter Retreat Itinerary & Packing List

Hi Everyone,


I am very excited about our Winter Retreat this year at Thrive Unleashed in Roseville, Ca. A couple of notes for you as we go forward:

  • Payment: If you have not paid or received a scholarship for the retreat, please be sure to bring money to cover the cost of the trip ($100)
  • Spending Money: Students will only need spending money for food/items they want to buy on the trip.
  • Food: All meals are covered. We will have pizza on Friday, pastry/fruit assortments on Saturday morning, Chick-fil-a lunch (provided by the conference) and tacos from Taco Bell before heading home.
  • Packing List: Students will need a sleeping bag and pillow for sleeping, pajamas or just a set of clothes for the next day and basic toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, etc.) If students plan on showering they should plan on taking a towel and soap/shampoo (but it is only one night and shower facilities are limited)
  • Lodging: We will be staying overnight at Free Flow Academy about one mile from Bayside Church. Free Flow is a parkour gym and they will be providing sleeping mats for everyone and some activities (again shower facilities are limited so don’t plan on a shower unless you absolutely need one) NOTE: If you plan on showering, plan on getting up REALLY early as we plan to stay on schedule.
  • Itinerary: Here is the itinerary for 01/17 & 01/18
    • 01/17
      • 3:30pm-Leave The Bridge Church Parking Lot
      • 5:00pm-Arrive in Roseville, Check-In at Conference
      • 6:30om-Conference
      • 9:00pm-Head to Free Flow
      • 11:30pm-Lights Out
    • 01/18
      • 7:00am-Rise & Shine
      • 7:30am-Breakfast
      • 8:30am-Leave Free Flow
      • 9:00am-Conference
        • 11:30am Lunch
      • 6:15pm-Conference Ends, Get Dinner
      • 9:00pm-Arrive at The Bridge (possibly sooner or later depending on road conditions)
  • Electronic Devices: Our rule for electronic devices will be the same as at camp. Plan to have your phone off and engaged during sessions and be encouraged to get some face to face time with your church friends (or make new ones!)
  • Safety Precautions: At this point there is a 50% chance of snow. All vehicles will have snow chains; weather will be assessed the Thursday prior to confirm it is safe to travel the pass.