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Where Do You Find Value and Worth???

Hello Everyone,

Where do you find your value and worth?  Actor Will Smith said in an interview: “It’s called self-esteem, so YOU have to find it within.”  Is that true?  Or, do we find it somewhere else?   Sunday, we will end our Touchy Subjects Series taking about “Self-Esteem or God Esteem”.  I can’t wait for us to talk about it.

Financial Update: November 21, 2019

Budget: $504,400    Income: $508,076            Expenses: $517,894

Welcome Center:  $98,489

Praise God with us for His amazing provision and thank you for your gifts that allow us to touch so many lives.  We are also almost half-way to or goal of $200,000.00 to combine with what we have to be able to move forward for the Welcome Center.  You all are so amazing ith your generosity-what a privilege to serve here with you!

I look forward to seeing you here on Sunday and Remember, Don’t Come Alone!!!


Pastor Bill