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Update from Pastor Darin

Hello, Bridge Church Spanish Springs!


We are living is some very strange times. I hope that you and your family are doing well. Our state is currently in “phase one” of re-opening. For us that means we have begun preparing to re-open as well. We do not yet have any dates on when this will happen but are getting ready because we just cannot wait to see everyone.


We are in the process of finishing the painting and re-organizing of the main worship area and the Kid’s Kingdom. We started this process Monday, May 18th and are hoping to be done the first or second week of June. Since we already had the paint and other supplies it seemed like a great time to have people back in the building getting to the Lord’s work. We were right in the middle of a growth spurt when we had to close. This left a lot of things undone and out of place here in the building and it feels great to see it all coming together.


Back in January we started the 2020 Growth Campaign. Our goal was to raise $16,000. This money was to be used to paint and re-orientate our main worship area. Besides a few doors and brackets for TV’s and speakers that room is pretty much finished. We also planned to replace our aging red chairs with some brand-new chairs with this money. It was brought to my attention last week that there was an error with the software we use for bookkeeping. There was corruption in the system that led to some of our entries being doubled leading us to believe that we had raised around 10,000 when in fact we raised closer to $6000. The good news is that we can continue to pay the worship leader’s stipend. We were also able to paint and re-orient the worship area. But this also means our chairs will need to wait a bit longer. Which at this point is okay.  Because of the social distancing guidelines set by the state of Nevada we would not be able to have 80 chairs in the worship area for a while. We do have plenty of our blue chairs for the time being.


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been forced to worship in different ways, and that is just fine. God is plenty big enough to handle this. As we look ahead to an imminent re-open, we need to consider the fact that there are going to be those who will not be comfortable re-joining groups of people. And that is completely understandable. One of the ways we are going to accommodate this is by continuing to stream our Sunday services for those who wish to remain home on Sunday mornings. Currently, to broadcast we are using a webcam and three iPads as cameras. However, this will not work once we meet in person. Webcams are not designed to work on long and wide shots, only up close and personal. And the iPads we are using are used by our tech team and musicians on Sunday mornings. So that means we need a camera. Of the $6000 we raised for the Growth Campaign we have $5100 left. From that we need to set $3750 aside for our worship leader’s stipend, leaving us with $1350. In order to live stream after we are open, we will need some equipment, mainly an interface that will allow the camera to connect to a computer. These cost around $200. We would like to use some of the 2020 growth campaign money to do this. However, since we raised that for a different purpose, we want you all to be aware of this plan and give you an opportunity to share your thoughts and/or ask any questions you have. Please contact Darin @ 775 830 8455 with any comments or questions.


Finally, our finances. The good news is that giving has not really gone down since this started. Thank you for your faithfulness in this area. Our vision and mission have not changed because of what is going on. If anything, we are reminded of the urgency and importance of the message we have been commissioned by Jesus Himself to share. I am not sure how COVID is going to change our community, but I am sure that God has us out here in this community for a reason. As we continue to move forward, we will be able to better see what that is. We need to be ready to be available for whatever God places in our path. Below is an update of where we are currently with our finances.


Year to Date-

Income ….. $32,373

Expenses ….. $80,083


This Month-

Income ….. $3047

Expenses ….. $16,088


2020 Growth Campaign



AS you can see, we have our work cut out for us, but that’s okay! I am confident that God’s will will continue to be done. In the two short years we have been in Spanish Springs we have been involved in many elementary schools and Reed High School. We have helped provide everything from money to manpower to come alongside others to better our community and spread the Gospel. Thank you so much for your support up to this point and during this strange and unusual time! I would ask that you would continue to pray about how you can continue to support this ministry financially. As you can see, we have a ways to go. And of course, we will continue to monitor and adjust our budget as needed.


I know this newsletter is heavier than normal, if you have questions or comments or just want to talk, I am more than happy to do that. Please call, text, email, Zoom, Facebook, etc.…

I look forward to seeing you all in person,


In Christ Alone,



Darin Elquist

Campus Pastor

The Bridge Church Spanish Springs

150 Isidor Ct Ste 102

Sparks Nv 89441


Cell 775 830 8455