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Touchy Subject!

Hello Everyone,

There are a lot of difficult and challenging issues facing our country and the world today.  Sometimes it is hard for us to know how to live out our faith in a way that truly honors God and still love people as He has called us to do in light of those issues.  This week, we begin a new teaching series called “Touchy Subjects”.  It’s easy for us to adopt a “Us versus Them” mentality and push people away.  But, Jesus taught there is a better way.  Jesus taught us that it is possible to hold fast to God’s truth and still love others with humility. That’s the goal of this series-to teach how to do both.

This Sunday, we will talk about Jesus and Politics. We definitely need to know and understand what God has to say about this and how we live it out in our world.  I hope you will join us and I ask that you pray for all of us as we seek to faithfully follow.

Financial Update September 30, 2019

Budget: $424,900     Income: $413,227          Expenses: $431,297

We’ve had lots of sign-ups for our Serve Sunday, Oct. 27th.  If you have not signed up, please click this link to find out more and join us.  There will be NO worship services Oct. 27th.

I can’t wait to see you here this Sunday.  Please, don’t come alone!


Pastor Bill