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Tomorrow’s Live and In-Person Worship Update from Pastor Darin

Good Morning Church Family!


Tomorrow is the big day! For the first time in over two months we will meet together for worship! This is exciting because we really do not know what to expect. Remember, we have never done something like this before.


I want to take a minute to remind everyone about some of the new and different things that we will all experience when we are at church together. We will continue ahead with two services: 9:00am and 10:30am. Our coffee Connection and Kid’s Kingdom (Sunday morning kid’s program) will be closed. In order to open we must have 50 people or less in the building. Since we have two services that should not be an issue. Below are some of the other precautions and guidelines the Federal, State, and local governments have asked us to take when we begin meeting.


Who Should Stay Home:

Those 65 years or older

Those with lung issues

Those with heart conditions

Those who are immunocompromised

Those who are pregnant

If your physician has deemed you “high risk” for another reason not listed

ANYONE experiencing any flu like symptoms



Wash your hands… a lot!

Avoid physical contact with others

Maintain a distance of 6 feet from others

Wear face covering (state mandate for any group that is meeting)

(The exceptions are those involved in the service. i.e. singers, readers, teachers, etc.)



When you get here, you’ll notice the ground has been marked in 6’ increments. This is to help us all identify what 6 feet is. Families and those who live in the same space can sit together. Otherwise, please keep a distance of 6 feet between you and others. Basically, this means you can place your chair and sit just about anywhere you want!


During Service:

Our weekly programs, message notes, and small group questions will be available in digital format. If you have not yet received the link to these resources please let me know so we can get you what you need.



Giving can be done digitally or you are more then welcome to drop it in the box near the front door.


Things to Keep in Mind:

Everything about tomorrow is new to all of us. Except one thing really, our God. You see, our God is the same today as He was yesterday, and He will be the same tomorrow. We meet so that we can worship the God of the Universe together, as one body. If I am being honest, in a way I like this simple, stripped down version of worship. It helps us all focus on the real reason we gather.


There is a good chance there will be an issue or two tomorrow. Please be patient, remember what’s important, remember we are here to grow closer to Jesus, and learn better how to serve Him and spread the Gospel message… see you tomorrow!