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The Latest!

Hello Bridge Family and Friends.

This Sunday, we will talk about the fruit of KINDNESS and GOODNESS.  In a world where there are so much animosity and division, God calls Christ-followers to display the same kindness and goodness that He displayed to us through Christ. Join us as we talk about what this looks like for us today.

Please go to  to sign-up to join us in-person or join us online at 9:00 or 10:30 am Sunday at Be sure to invite your family and friends to join us.

Annual Meeting Video Recap: Our annual meeting went very well last Sunday night. All of the items on our agenda were unanimously approved with one person abstaining.  Please go to the link below to hear more about the Annual Meeting and an update on the Welcome Center.

Financial Update: January 31, 2021 

Budget:  $42,111.  Income: $42, 057.    Expenses $41,621  

Welcome Center $153, 999

Thanks so much for your commitment to this ministry to Build Bridges for people to come to Christ and grow in His grace.  I look forward to worshiping tomorrow with all of you.


Pastor Bill