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Summer Update from Pastor Darin

Good Afternoon Church Family,

              I hope this newsletter finds you well in these challenging times. I have a few things that I want to share with you all as we are getting ready to head into fall. First, you may have noticed a reduction in the number of newsletters that get sent out. That is because I have been doing them in video form and they can be found on our YouTube channel or our Facebook page. I do this because it saves a lot of time and my personality is such that I express myself better when I can talk instead of writing. However, as we are entering a new season, I felt it important enough to do the video and a newsletter. If you would like to see the videos and do not have Facebook or YouTube let me know and I’d be happy to make any arrangements needed to make that happen.

              School is set to start this week. Because of COVID-19 this school year is different than any previous year. This has created a lot of challenges for everyone involved. Add to that everything else that is going on in our nation right now and that is a lot to deal with. At this point I believe the best way for us as a church to be involved and help is to pray. Here’s the idea, in general our schools operate between 7am and 4pm Monday through Friday. During this time, I’d like us to pray for the schools. We are looking for people to volunteer. For example, I might take the 7-8am time slot to pray, then another person would take over at 8am until 9am, and so on for at least 2weeks. I’d like to officially start this Monday, August 24th. If you would like to volunteer for a time slot let me know by email, phone, text, or whatever is convenient for you. You can pray on your own, or with another person or small group. As far as how to pray, well, that’s between you and God. Pray however you’re comfortable.

              Church has changed significantly in the past few months and we have done our best to keep up. The meeting of the Saints is very important to us and we take this seriously. That is why we have done our best to meet this need digitally as well as physically in our building. With that said we are talking about a possible outdoor worship service at some point in the next 4-6 weeks, before it gets too cold. That way, we would be able to meet, all of us. I have spoken with many of you who feel the way I do, we miss each other, and we should. Please be in prayer about this and I’ll keep you all updated.

              This past Sunday you may have noticed a difference in our online worship service. The audio quality has been improved and since we now have our Bridge Spanish Springs YouTube channel, we are able to broadcast the worship service ourselves. This is a huge step and has taken nearly 6 weeks of trial and error, but we have done it. Over the course of the next 3-4 weeks we will be phasing out of using National Grassroots Broadcasting Network. We will continue streaming to Facebook and YouTube. NGBN has been a huge help to us and I am grateful for their assistance. Without them, it would have been much more challenging to get our stream up and running. Treynor Wolfe and Marisza Sheldon have worked hard to help us get to this point. Thanks, we could not do this without you! If you need help or have questions about viewing our live stream, let me know, I would love to help you get that figured out.

              Because of COVID-19 we are not able to meet the way we used to. COVID has forced us all to make significant changes in our daily lives as well as changes in how we gather for worship. During the first century the church gathered in homes, on the street, wherever. They would come together regularly to pray and learn more about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian. As time came and time went, the church changed. Slowly over time as the church grew in number, houses just were not big enough to accommodate the group size. So, they moved into larger buildings. These building thus were called church buildings. However, we all know that the church is not the building but the people. Ekklesia is the Greek word meaning, “church.” An “Ekklesia” is not a building, but a group of people… we are the Ekklesia, or the Church. At this time, we are limited in the number of people that can join us on Sunday mornings because our building is just not that big. Because of that some people may not be spending much, if any time at all, in worship with other Christians. And this isn’t ideal, without the support and guidance we get from each other, it’s easy to fall away. It’s times like the times we are currently in that we need each other more than ever. We need to help each other keep our eyes on Jesus; the Bible teaches us that iron sharpens iron. That basically means we need each other to grow and to stand strong when facing trials, temptations, and persecution. With all that said, I would strongly encourage you to join or start a small group. Please contact me if you’re interested in either of these options.

              Another goal is to have our own website. Currently, we have space on the Reno campus’s website. The biggest reason we need our own is so that we have a platform for our Sunday morning worship live stream. As I said before, we are currently on YouTube and Facebook and that is fine for now, but we really need the consistency and stability of our own live stream home. However, this is no easy feat. If you, or someone you know has experience in websites and are interested in helping let me know. Also, we finished painting the inside of our building last month. However, I still have not been able to hang the tv’s up on the walls in the Kid’s Kingdom or Youth Room. We have everything needed to do this, all we need is someone to come in and get them up. If you have some time and are interested, please let me know.

              Finally, our budget… 2021 will be here before you know it. In previous years, our budget has been put together either by Chelsea at the Reno campus (who does a great job!), or before then Sara (who also did a great job!). Part of our natural growth cycle is that we would eventually do this ourselves. And this is the year! We are looking for 3-4 people who would be willing to work with me on developing our 2021 budget. This is not easy and will take a bit of time. If you’re interested in being part of this, let me know. Speaking of our finances, below is our most recent information. This is as of July 28, 2020.

Year to Date Income: $16,300

20/20 Growth Campaign: $7300

What amazes me is that before COVID our finances were growing. Slowly, but growing none the less. Since then the growth has slowed but up to this point, we have not gone backward. However, to meet our current budget our income needs to be higher. At some point in early September we will have a vision meeting. There we’ll discuss this in more detail. Thank you all so much for remaining faithful with your finances, especially in these uncertain and challenging times. And even though we officially stopped our 20/20 Growth Campaign, we still received some gifts!!! So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

              I know this newsletter was long, so thanks for sticking it out and reading to the end. And thanks also for being part of the ministry at The Bridge Spanish Springs and for your continued support. God has been faithful and will continue to be.

I am looking forward to seeing how God will continue to use us here in Spanish Springs in the coming months and in the coming years. Please, if you or someone you know has any needs, let me know and we will go out of our way to help.

In Christ Alone,


Darin Elquist

Campus Pastor

The Bridge Church Spanish Springs

775 830 8455- Cell