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Staffing Changes.

Dear Bridge Church Family,

The past Sunday, we announced some changes to our staff team at the Bridge beginning September 1, 2020.

The first one is a video announcement from Pastor Tim. Please click on this link to hear from Tim.

200809 Announcement.mp4.

Tim will continue to be an integral part of the Bridge Church and Staff as he has been for the past 14 years, because of his health needs, he is moving from full-time to half-time. We are all saddened by the way this auto-immune disease has impacted his health but agree with him on reducing his hours and responsibilities.  But please understand that Tim is going nowhere.  He will continue to serve and be a part of the Bridge staff mainly in the areas of counseling and mentoring, beginning September 1st.

With Tim stepping away from some of his responsibilities and with the loss of Pastor Danny at the end of June, there are some key areas of ministry that need to be filled.  The Board and I have been talking and praying for the past several months knowing this was coming.  During this time, God has made it clear to us that there was someone, who has been a part of the Bridge Church for many years, that He has been preparing to join the Church Staff.

So, Phil Burdoin will be joining our church staff on September 1, 2020 as an Associate Pastor in the area of discipleship, small groups and assimilation.  He will continue to be a part of the Teaching Team and the Student Ministries Team as well.  Phil has been at the Bridge since 2003 and has served in several as a small group leader, on the worship and tech team, and recently was a member of the Board as well.

Through an incredible series of events, conversations and whisperings from the Holy Spirit, which I’m sure you will hear more about in the future, God made it clear to Phil that He was calling him to make a career change.  He and I, along with several others, began a conversation back in February that has led us to this decision.   Again, Phil Burdoin will be joining the church staff on September 1st.

Please pray for both Tim and Phil and their families.  These are significant changes for both of them.  Continue to pray for our church to Build Bridges for People to come to Jesus and Grow in His Grace. Also, feel free to contact me, Phil, Tim, or anyone on the Board if you have any questions about any of this.

We continue to look forward to the future that God has for all of us.  Blessings to you,

Pastor Bill