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Small Group Question for Dec 6 2020

Small Group Questions 12/6/2020 Hope from the Unqualified

  1. Has God ever called you to move to a different location, different job, different calling on your life? How did you know it was from God?
  2. Read Ruth 1:1-5, the scriptures do not state specifically whether Elimelek was told to go to Moab or if he went under his own discretion. What is your opinion, whether Elimelek was sent by God or not?
  3. Read Ruth 1:6-18, and put yourself in Ruth’s shoes. Would you have stayed with your mother in law?  What do you think made Ruth cling to her mother in law?
  4. What are some of the signs that we are becoming bitter or creating a hardened heart? Is there anything we can/should do about it?  What if you see these traits beginning in someone you’re close to, what are some of the ways to address it?
  5. Read Ruth 1: 19-21 do you think God makes peoples lives bitter or is something else going on here? Can you recall any other scriptures that supports your thought?
  6. Read Ruth 2:4-12, have you ever been part of a business organization where the boss blesses the workers and vice versa? Have you blessed your boss? If you are the boss, have you blessed the folks that work for you?
  7. Why do you think God has included non Jewish woman, a prostitute, and a woman who disguised herself as a prostitute to seduce her father in law in the lineage of Jesus?