Toxic Religion

It’s so easy to get caught up in religion, the lists, the set of rules and regulations that make life easy to follow. Yet, in reality, this kind of religion hides God and puts the emphasis on us and what we do. Toxic Religion leads to self-righteousness, to a hollow and empty life focused on outward appearances, not inner reality. It leads to focuses on what looks good instead of focusing on God’s goodness to us. Understanding the truth about our sin and God’s grace sets us free to live life-to experience inner freedom that allows us to be honest and real about our struggles and yet find hope for our lives. It allows us to LIVE from the heart and not the head. It allows us to engage others with passion and bring real and true hope to them where they live. It allows us to know that if God can save us, then God can save anyone.

Pastor Bill West
Reno Campus
October 6, 2019