Self-Esteem or God-Esteem?

The hunt for self-esteem is everywhere. Advice on how to achieve it can be found in parenting articles, business coaching, and the self-help section of every bookstore. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Self-esteem is… considered the bedrock of individual success. You can’t possibly get ahead in life, the logic goes unless you believe that you are perfectly awesome.” Yet there is the negative side of self-esteem because it presses us to compare ourselves to others and sets us up for a fall. We will never fully measure up. The quest for self-esteem is, deep down, an attempt to silence negative verdicts that assault us from the outside and from within. The only esteem that will never fail us is the esteem given to us by God himself. It comes as a gift of God’s grace through Jesus Christ. The truth of the gospel tells us our true value. Our true value comes from what God says about us.

Pastor Bill West
Reno Campus
November 24, 2019