Chastity or Sexual Freedom?

The age-old tradition of conventional marriage, one man and one woman for a lifetime is being questioned today, not just by secular society but also within Christianity. People are saying that the old customs and teaching of religion regarding sex and marriage no longer meet the needs of a modern world. How are we, in the church, who seek to follow Jesus and the Biblical Teaching on love, sex, and marriage to respond? How do we hold and affirm the value and beauty of sex the way God created it to be and still reach out in love to those who disagree? How do we help those who struggle with same-sex attraction or even gender issues? We are to be men and women who affirm and embrace these personally and still seek to love those around us. In a world where people find their identity in their sexuality, we need to live in such a way that we point to the true source of our identity and value-Jesus Christ.

Pastor Bill West
Reno Campus
November 10, 2019