Prayer Team

Committed intercessors — those who love to pray — come together at The Bridge to serve its people… those who are hurting, those who are seeking, and those who are simply trying to follow the Lord’s purpose day by day.

Prayer Team meeta virtually, praying in the quiet places of their homes and workplaces as they receive email notices of needs for prayer — usually several times a week. Prayer Team also meets at 8 a.m. each Sunday in the church lobby to pray for those who will come through our doors and for the leadership of the church.

As kids come back from summer break, our Prayer Team also sponsors a Community Prayer Walk around the schools in the area. Wherever people are, there’s a need for prayer — and our Prayer Team welcomes those to its ministry who believe that prayer is the best problem-solving strategy.

If you need prayer, you can send us a prayer request right now.

If you would like to join our Prayer Team, please send us an email today.