Current Series

Love Reno

We believe God has placed us here in Reno to represent Him and calls us to Love this part of the world. This series is based on our core values that we believe should drive our attitudes and actions as we to seek to bring God’s love and help to make our city a better place for everyone and advance His kingdom.

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September 16
Deep Compassion: We believe that God loves every person and matters deeply to Him, we are therefore committed to loving all people as He does. We want to reach the people no one else is reaching.

September 23
Cultivated Relationships:
We believe God is a relational God and created us as relational beings, we are therefore committed to developing a growing relationship with God, with other Christ followers and with those who do not know Him.

September 30
Bold Action: We believe our God is a Big God who does big things in our world, we therefore want to be faith-filled, big thinking risk takers who never chose to play it safe.

October 7
Useful Service: We believe God gifted each of us to serve and help one another, we are therefore committed to finding ways to use our gifts and help meet the real needs of people around us.

October 14
Authentic Living: We believe that Jesus died to change our lives, we therefore want to be people who seek to consistently live out the things that we say we believe. We want our actions to match our words and want to be known for what we are for, not what we are against.

October 21
Radical Generosity: We will believe God provides us with everything that we need and we are to share what He has entrusted to us. We therefore want to be known for being generous and using what we have been given to help others.

October 30
Serving Sunday: Together, we’ll put our core values into action by going out and serving our community.