Why Give?

Contributing financially to the ministry of The Bridge is an important step towards full participation in the life of the church. Giving honors God in this important aspect of your life, your finances, and these financial contributions help accomplish the overall mission of the church. We encourage everyone who considers The Bridge to be their home church to give something. The weekly Offering is available during every Worship service and an Offering box is available in the lobby. Contributions can also be given online or mailed.

The Benefits of Online Giving

  • You’re committing to fulfill your good intentions. Most of us want to give regularly but busyness, absences and distractions frustrate our good intentions.
  • You’ll simplify your life. Your giving is automatically deposited on the schedule and date you decide. No writing a check, remembering to bring it, or sending it to church if you miss.
  • You have complete flexibility. Contribute whenever and wherever you want. Make a one-time gift or schedule recurring gifts. Set the schedule you desire: weekly, monthly, twice monthly, etc. Stop, start, or change the schedule or amount any time. With PushPay you’re in control.
  • You’re exercising your faith. By scheduling your contributions, you’re deciding in advance to give.
  • You’re helping the church. Counting, depositing and tracking donations is easier with online contributions. Scheduled contributions help with budgeting and planning.

PushPay is our online solution for contributing to the ministry of The Bridge. Giving online through PushPay is safe and secure. Unlike many other mobile payment methods, PushPay provides a financial and legal safeguard. PushPay is not only bank grade (PCI) compliant, but also independently tested and reviewed to ensure the highest security standards at all times. Through PushPay you can make a one-time donation or schedule ongoing support. All you need is a checking account, a debit card or a credit card. Change the amount or frequency at any time. You’re in control.

A Word About Credit Card Giving We know that some people use their credit cards and pay them off every month. Some people use their credit cards to accumulate points and miles.  Please know we discourage the use of online giving through credit cards IF you are going to put yourself in debt to do it.

Still have questions? Get your answers from our FAQ.

For support for online giving, call the church office at 775.323.7141 or email Info@theBridgeReno.com.