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June 14th In-Person Worship Information

Good Morning Bridge Church Spanish Springs,

I hope this week has been a good week so far.

We announced our plan to have in-person worship services starting Sunday, June 14th. We are so excited and looking forward to seeing you all again. We must keep in mind that even though we are allowed to meet, there is still the threat of COVID-19 looming over us. However, if we take the proper precautions, I feel safe in moving forward.

I know there are a lot of different feelings regarding COVID-19, the way it is being handled by our government, the use of masks and gloves, etc. Some churches have decided to wait until all restrictions are lifted before they begin meeting again, we have decided to meet as soon as we’re allowed. However, part of that means that we must adhere to the preventative measures required by our federal, state, and local governments. We felt it was far better to meet under some guidelines than wait until they are all lifted.

So, with all that said, if you are not comfortable with being in a group of people, please stay home. We will not only live stream our services, they will be recorded and available for anyone anytime to watch. Who would have thought the “great mask debate of 2020” would be a thing. Well it is. I know many people who are in favor, and I also know many who are not. Because one of the requirements set forth for groups to meet is the wearing of face masks, we will insist that everyone coming to church please wear one. If you are opposed to masks, that’s 100% ok. Please stay home until the mask requirement is lifted.

This is a tough time, add to what’s going on with COVID to the George Floyd death, and all the other things going on I understand stress is very high right now and that’s one of the reasons I believe we need to begin meeting again. We need each other, and our community needs us unified.

It’s time to come back together, to worship together, to pray together, and you know what? Just to be together. And we will do just that… with kindness, caring, and of course, caution.

What I am going to go over now are the guidelines set by our state and local governments.

Who should stay home? Vulnerable populations should stay at home including those: • 65 years and older; • With chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma; • With serious heart conditions. • That are immunocompromised. • That are pregnant; and • Determined to be high risk by a licensed healthcare provider

Limit public gatherings to up to 50 people with social distancing and face masks:

We will have face masks available if you need one upon arrival.

“Sanitation Requirements” or “sanitation measures”:

• Washing hands with soap and water for at least twenty (20) seconds as frequently as possible or using hand sanitizer • Covering coughs or sneezes (into the sleeve or elbow, not hands) • Regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces (restrooms will be disinfected between services along with other high touch areas and surfaces.) Doors will be propped open to allow entry and exit w/o doors being touched. • Not shaking hands (wave?)

Faith Based Services

Seating arranged to allow for social distancing and restricted to no more than 50 people with face coverings required for anyone above the age of 2 years old (with the exception of readers, song leaders when appropriate) and officiants within 6 ft. of others

o Refrain from physical contact of any type and no shared food or drink, including communion, allowed

Before the stay at home order went into effect, we had two services. Each service with 25-30 people each. Because of this we will be able to continue with both services. As we begin to reopen, we will do it slow. Adding things over time. For example, our coffee connection will not be available. Along with that, our kid’s Kingdom and nursery will not be available. Of course, your kids are welcome in service. Because of this we will keep our overall service time around 45mins.

Seating: In order to comply with the social distancing guidelines we ask that people will sit 6 feet apart. The exception to that is families and others who live together, like if you have a roommate. Families can sit side by side. The church will be marked in a way that will help us all know where to put our chairs. Chairs will be set up when you get here but you are welcome to move them around in order to sit with family, or to maintain social distancing.

During Service: Each week we hand out programs and ask that everyone fill out connection cards. To reduce the possibility of spreading the virus, all of this will now be digital. I know many of you like to take notes during service, you are welcome to bring whatever you need to do that. Also, the programs will be available no later than Saturday so you can print them and bring them.

Giving: This is the area of probably the least amount of change. You can give digitally anytime online on our website, or by text. And of course, our trusty white box will be available just like before.

Above All: This has been a time of great challenge for us. Not only as a church, but as a people. On Sunday June 14th I’m sure there will be an issue or two, something we didn’t think about. Please be patient as this is the first time we have reopened our church during a global pandemic. Please know that our goal is, and always has been to build bridges for people to know Jesus. Along with that we believe in being a valued and important part of our community. A lot of people are working hard to make sure our building is as safe as it can possibly be. If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, or ideas please reach out to me. We want to create a safe, friendly, and exciting environment for connecting with God and each other.

Please feel free to contact with us with any questions and we are looking forward to seeing you all very soon!


Cell 775 830 8455