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Excited for Our Women!

Hey Everyone,

I’m excited that we have around 100 women signed up for the “Back to Simple Christmas Breakfast” this Saturday.  Special thanks to Sharon Miller, Michele Burke and their ministry team for all of the work they have already done.  Pray for God to move as they meet.

I want to remind you that Christmas is a time when people are far more open to spiritual conversations than any other time of the year. I hope that you are prayerfully looking for opportunities to talk with family, friends and neighbors about Jesus and to invite them to join you in worship during this month.

This Sunday, we continue our Christmas Gifts Series as we talk about the gift of Disruption.  Joseph is the perfect example of how to respond when life does not go the way that you have planned it to go.

Thanks, so much for your faithful generosity to this ministry.  Lives are being changed through your giving.

Financial Update: November 30, 2019

 Budget:  $518,700            Income:  $513,257              Expenses:    $528,215

Welcome:  $99,072

As you can see, we are a little behind financially as we enter the last month of the year.  Pray for God to provide and for us to be faithful to give so that we can not only meet our budget but end the year strong financially as we head into 2020.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.  Remember, Don’t come alone!


Pastor Bill