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Christmas Series

Dear Bridge Family and Friends.

This Sunday, we begin our Christmas Series: “I’ll Be Hope for Christmas”. We’ll take a look at those we don’t often think about when it comes to the Christmas Story.  We will take a look at four women who are a part of the story.  Women, who for the most part came from hopeless situations and circumstances, yet God chose to move in and through them to not only bring hope into their lives but to literally bring the only hope there is for our world today. Each one of these women responded in faith to God and took a huge risk to follow Him.

Each of those women brought hope to our world.  It’s our prayer that each of us will find real hope for our lives this Christmas and that we’ll also say “I’ll Be Hope for Christmas.”

To help us prepare to celebrate Jesus this Christmas, I am including a link to a Christmas Devotional that begins Sunday, November 29th and goes until Christmas Day.  You can click this link and download it to your computer or tablet.  I encourage you to use it daily and trust that God will speak to you through it as we prepare to celebrate this Christmas.


Pastor Bill