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Celebrate Fathers!

This Sunday is Father’s Day! Be sure to celebrate the “father” in your life. Happy Father’s Day to every dad!  Whether you are a biological father, a stepfather, or a father figure to someone, I hope that you all will have a great day. Being a father in today’s world is a tough task and requires hard work and commitment.  Some of us had good role models of a father, some did not and many simply had no father around.   But I hope that you all will understand the incredible importance of your place in the lives of those around you. You matter and the way you relate to others matters deeply.

We continue in our study of Nehemiah this Sunday.  The things we talk about will be of great importance to all of us, especially to those of us who are fathers.

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Financial Update:  June 8, 2021:  Income:  $17,910          Expense: $16,315

Year to Date:  Budget: $221,067     Income: $219,968      Expenses: $206,210

Welcome Center: $200,565

 I hope to see you all on Sunday as we celebrate Fathers and Worship God together.  Let’s expect God to move in our lives as we lift up the name of Jesus!

Blessings to you,

Pastor Bill