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By Our Love!

Dear Bridge Family and Friends,

Let’s be known by our love for others!  As we continue to face the uncertain future with the rise in the number of Covid cases, the continued political divisiveness and the economic challenges that are facing many, may we look for ways to love others as Jesus taught.  Let me encourage you to start with those in your home-speak words of kindness and compassion to those closest to you. Find ways to love and serve those in your small groups and in your neighborhood and others God may bring your way. People are hurting far more than you know.

Join us Sunday, as we continue our series “Turning Point”. We will address the incredibly current issue of “Seeing is Believing!”  We are now limited to 50 or less per service.  There is definitely more room at the 9:00 service for more and we also have an overflow room available as well. You can sign-up to attend by going to our website: You can also join us for our live stream our services on Face Book at 9:00 or 10:30 am if you prefer to stay home and worship

Kids Kingdom is meeting at the 10:30 service only:  Please sign up here:

Our Finances: Thank You for your continued financial support.  Your gifts continue to make a difference in the lives of people.  You can give by mail, online, or by texting 77977 to the Bridge Reno. Pray for God to provide for our needs and participate as He directs.  We know that there will be more needs as we head into the holidays.

Financial Update: October 31, 2020

 Monthly Need: $41,000      Income: $36,344        Expenses $40,841

Year to Date:             Inc: 422,318            Exp. 428,910

Let us be known by our love!


Pastor Bill