Jose Skinner

Jose came to know Jesus through the writings of C.S. Lewis. Since then he’s developed a deep desire to point people to the jaw-dropping victory and liberation that Jesus brings. He delights in making and listening to music. Lately, he’s been enamored with The Civil Wars, Maroon5, Andrew Peterson, Gungor, and Childish Gambino. He loves getting music suggestions; you should send him some! He enjoys learning and so he devours books and podcasts. He’s amazed by beautiful art (film, prose, etc.), but he’s also a sucker for comic book movies, even bad ones. He’ll eat pasta and sushi to excess if you let him. And he’s a better than average juggler. Jose joined our staff in 2012. He married Susan, a kindergarten teacher, in 2003. They have three young children together, who are both beautiful and brilliant.

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